Video Presentation: PART III – The Great Ag Downturn; How Will It End?

March 22, 2016

Agriculture is evolving rapidly. From changing demographics, to technology, to evolving economic conditions there are many important factors working to shape the future of the agricultural sector. Dr. Gloy presents an engaging session that describes the most important short and long term trends in agriculture and what they mean for those involved in the agricultural industry.

The Great Ag Downturn; How Will It End?

Agriculture is changing and people are wondering if the current downturn is going to end like it did in the 1980s. For an interesting perspective on today’s ag economy, watch this informative video by leading agricultural economist Brent Gloy.

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Reck Agri 2016 Outlook Meeting took place at Reck Agri Realty & Auction Center in Sterling, CO, on January 19, 2016. Marc Reck and Dr. Brent Gloy, Ag Economist, gave attendees some insight on agricultural trends and other valuable information they can use to base decisions on as the market and land values adjust in 2016.

We are maintaining a library of videos from this presentation to reach the audience that was unable to attend. Visit the Reck Agri 2016 AG Outlook page to see them all.

Brent Gloy Biography

Dr. Brent Gloy is an agricultural economist specializing in agricultural finance and agribusiness management. His research has been quoted and referenced in media ranging from the farm press, to the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, the Economist, among others. Brent founded and served as the first Director of Purdue’s Center for Commercial Agriculture. Dr. Gloy’s current writings can be found on his website Agricultural Economic Insights, ,which he co-founded with David Widmar.

Dr. Gloy has held tenured faculty positions in agricultural economics at Purdue University and Cornell University. He currently operates his family farming operation in Southwest Nebraska, is a partner in Agricultural Economic Insights, LLCi, and serves as a visiting professor at Purdue University. Brent received his masters and doctorate degrees in agricultural economics from Purdue University and his undergraduate degree from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Slides to Video Presentation. Great Ag Downturn