Live and Online Land Auctions vs Private Treaty Listings

Which is right for you?

It’s your land, and you have the choice to sell it through whichever method you prefer. But before making a decision, we’ve outlined some of the differences and benefits of each method – whether selling your farm and ranch land by online or live auction or private treaty listing.

Selling land at Auction

Publicly held sale of property to the highest bidder.

  • Increases marketability and affordability for a larger group of buyers by parceling land
  • Allows transparency between competing bidders and when working with multiple sellers
  • Provides finality with a definite sale date
  • Focus buyers to think about and make decisions
  • Simplifies transaction and negotiations between multiple parties, which can preserve relationships

Selling land through Private Treaty

The price and terms of the sale is confidentially negotiated between the seller and buyer.

  • Offers flexibility with the length of time your property is listed for sale
  • Gives you control over both the asking price and terms
  • Allows you to consider offers at your discretion
  • Provides confidentiality due to the ‘private’ nature of the process
  • Enables buyer to negotiate price and terms

Have it your way

We’ll work with you to determine which method of sale is best for you. Either way, we’ll take the same comprehensive approach to marketing your property through our vast network. And you’ll benefit from our relentless commitment to customer service. No matter whether you choose to sell your farm or ranch land by auction or private treaty listing, you’ll be in good hands.