The Sale Process

No stone unturned. We help people buy and sell land with a very thorough process that gets results. From pre-listing all the way through closing.


Pre-meeting inspection

Inspect property

We’ll look over your property and the surrounding area to familiarize ourselves with and understand what you’re selling.

Preliminary research

Because of our experience, we’re able to quickly research factors that will affect salability and marketability of your property.

Look at comparable sales

A thorough search of land sales comparable to your property will help us determine a realistic value.

Meet with client to discuss


People sell for different reasons. We’ll sit down with you to learn your motivation and understand the situation you’re in to help you solve it.

Property Attributes

Besides what we learn from the inspection, preliminary research, and comparable sales, we want to further understand the unique things about your property and help you tell your story to prospective buyers.

Market Pulse

Our connections and track record keep us current on market conditions so we can offer sound advice as you move through this important decision.


We don’t believe in telling you what you want to hear. Based on our experience, knowledge, and expertise, we’ll be realistic and straightforward when valuing your property.

Method of Sale

Once we learn your situation and motivation, we’ll explain to you the pros and cons to help you decide whether to sell by auction or private treaty.

If Auction Method

Average 76 days

When selling by auction, you’ll have a specific date the property will sell. Reck Agri averages 76 days from signing of the listing agreement to the closing of the property when selling by auction.

Live vs. online only

We offer a choice on which auction format to use – an exciting live auction or an auction where bidding takes place exclusively online over a period of time where the bidder remains anonymous via our mobile app and/or home computer.


Auctions allow transparency between competing bidders and when working with multiple sellers.

Increases marketability

Offering land for sale in parcels, combos, and/or units in a multi-parcel auction can increase the marketability of your property by allowing you to draw from a larger pool of buyers with different levels of purchasing power and interest in various types of property.

Simplifies transaction

Auctions simplify the transaction by limiting the negotiations between multiple parties by determining the terms of the auction one time, then agreeing to sell to the highest bidder.

Set date property will sell

With an auction, you’ll know exactly what date your property will be sold.

Creates Value

Auctions create value through competitive bidding – especially by giving buyers an opportunity to purchase property they may otherwise never have a chance to purchase.

Serious Buyers

The buyer agrees to the terms of auction with 15% of purchase price due at signing of contract with no financing contingencies. By agreeing to these terms, you can be sure buyers are serious.

If Private Treaty

Average 3-6 months

Properties we sell by private treaty average 3-6 months until sold.

Control price and terms

Private treaty sales allow the seller to determine and control asking price and the terms of sale.

Private contract negotiations

The private nature of this sale method allows you to consider offers at your discretion.

Buyers negotiations price and terms

The price and terms of the sale are confidentially negotiated between the seller and buyer.

No time constraints

A private treaty sale offers flexibility with the length of time your property is listed.

Sign Listing Contract

Seller commits

Once the seller commits, we’ll work together to determine terms and conditions of the sale and prepare the listing contract for signature. At this point, the property is officially listed for sale and the process begins.

Service Listing

120 point checklist

No stone is left unturned as we complete a detailed 120-point checklist on every listing to ensure you get the most for your property.

Reliable information for buyer

Complete and thorough information means buyers can buy with confidence.

Color and detail brochure

With every sale, we create a color brochure to showcase your property and assemble thorough documentation that will provide details about your property.

Title company, FSA, attorney, etc.

We will work with the title company to ensure your title will transfer, then work with the FSA office and your attorney and/or CPA to assist with your transaction.

Handle showings

We’ll coordinate showings of your property to give you one less thing to worry about.

Handle calls and inquiries

We serve as the buffer between you and any interested parties and will answer any questions they may have about your property.

Address issues

If any issues arise that may affect the sale of your property, we’ll handle them promptly and accurately on your behalf.

Update seller periodically

You’ll never have to wonder what’s going on with your sale as we provide regular updates for peace of mind.

Buffer between seller and public

Because we take the time to get to know you and your situation, you can rest assured that we will advocate for you every step of the way.


34,000+ database

We have a large database of landowners and prospective buyers that we use to effectively market your property by casting a wider net.

Listed on

Get worldwide exposure 24/7/365 to expose your property to a pool of buyers traditional advertising cannot reach. Our site averages over 14,000 visits/month.

View Current Listings

View Sold Listings

Email blast

We send weekly email blasts to our large and growing database of interested buyers and business professionals. Emails feature properties for sale/under contract/sold, along with auction announcements and other timely information.

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Your property will be included in our newsletter and mailed to over 30,000 landowners in 33 counties in eastern Colorado and western Nebraska and Kansas.

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Direct mail

Over 4,000 color brochures are mailed to surrounding landowners, potential buyers and business professionals.

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Detail Brochure

For each auction, we produce a multipage detail brochure that includes FSA information and an aerial map of each parcel.

The brochure also explains the bidding process, terms and conditions, and legal info on title commitments, water and mineral rights, etc.


Social media

We start conversations about your property on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

Online listing services

We advertise and list property for sale on the top farm and ranch websites for maximum exposure.

Online ads

We advertise and list property on the top farm and ranch websites and promote property with Google pay-per-click ads to reach qualified leads as they’re searching for property to buy.


For sale signs

We place signs to identify and advertise properties being sold.

Print and radio ads

We make sure your property has the right amount of exposure through advertising in well-read newspapers and radio stations.


Many follow our blog because it’s a valuable source of current land information.


Solicit offers via private treaty or auction

We’ll handle all showings, calls, and inquiries during the sale process whether property is being sold via private treaty or auction. We will work with buyers to solicit offers on private treaty and assist buyers to participate in an auction.

Negotiate private treaty

We’ll negotiate, write, and execute the terms of the contract between buyers and seller.

Conduct auction

We will conduct the auction and complete and sign the necessary purchase contracts with the successful buyer(s) on the day of the sale.


Complete terms of contract

We will assist the buyer and seller in executing the terms of the contract as per the timelines and deadlines.

Coordinate between buyer, seller, lender, title companies, attorney, 1031 companies, etc.

We are the one person who coordinates between the buyer, seller, lender, title companies, attorneys, etc to insure the closing is completed on time.

Assist in preparation of documents

As the coordinator of the transaction, we assist in the preparation of documents when necessary.