Social Media for Agriculture: Nebraska Corn Board

May 12, 2012

Social Media in the workplace is becoming more and more prevalent as the booming online community grows. There are practically endless amounts of applications that the working world uses but for now, Reck Agri is concentrating on Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn. You may ask, why would I, as a Farmer, Rancher; etc. want to, or need to use ANY of these Social Media sites? If you are confused by the terms “Social Media” you can get more familiar with it if you click here and go to our Social Media page. Not only will you benefit from social media sites through Reck Agri in giving you the most up-to-date information on auctions, properties and other news, but also in your private businesses. I have heard more and more about how Facebook & Twitter are allowing Farmers & Ranchers to communicate together to share ideas, give their stories, and learn about current farming & ranching techniques and technologies. The rural working world, as you will read below, is becoming more familiar with Smartphones & iPads, and now…Social Media. They can reach the online world in seconds for answers to their questions about corn prices, weather alerts or of course…”What did Reck Agri sell that property for this morning?”

I found the following article to be interesting on that very thing. Written by the “Nebraska Corn Board”.

Social Media for Agriculture: Nebraska Corn Board’s Approach

As far as the YouTube video goes below, you will be seeing Byron Gordon, SEO-PR, interviewing Jeff Fowle, Owner-Operator/President of KK Bar Ranch and the AGChat Foundation and Ray Prock, Jr. of Ray-Lin Dairy at the #140 Character conference at Connected Marketing Week 2010 in San Francisco. Jeff says as a rancher he’s using social media tools Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to reconnect with consumers and share news and information about farming and ranching. Through the AGChat Foundation, ranchers and farmers are able to share their stories about how food gets to the table using social media applications. Ray then discusses how he uses social media tools and applications such as blogs, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube on behalf of his dairy farm to tell the story to his consumers how the milk ends up in the dairy products they enjoy.

The AgChat℠ Foundation launched on April 1, 2010 and is designed to help those who produce food, fuel, fiber and feed tell agriculture’s story from their point of view. The Foundation educates and equips farmers and ranchers with the skill set needed to effectively engage on Twitter, Facebook, blogs, YouTube, LinkedIn and other social media services. It gives them knowledge to unlock new tools to effectively tell their story. Research shows that social media is a growing opportunity for farmers to have a stronger voice in educating people about the business of growing food, fuel, feed and fiber.

For more information about the AGChat Foundation please visit:
AGChat Foundation can be found on Twitter at: @agchatfound

Lastly, once you have discovered how incredibly beneficial Social Media can be to both your own business and your knowledge of Reck Agri Realty & Auction, click the blue icons below our 1-800 in the upper right hand corner to familiarize yourself with our Facebook. LinkedIn & Twitter pages, register, and become a part of the rapidly growing social media boom.