Real-Time Internet Land Auctions from Reck Agri

February 15, 2011

Since 2005 Reck Agri Realty & Auction has used the Internet and third-party vendors to provide online bidding for our land auctions. Unfortunately, online bidders could not see the multi-parcel spreadsheets that were projected onto large screens at the live auction. So online bidders were at a disadvantage. Until now…

RA SateliteTechnology has gotten better and so have we. To deliver on our commitment to provide you the best possible service, Reck Agri Realty & Auction hired computer programmers to develop our own Internet bidding platform. Now the same multi-parcel spreadsheets displayed at our live auctions are displayed simultaneously on your home and office computers via live video and audio feeds from our website:

This new technology means that now you can participate real time in our live auctions without having to be onsite. Your computer screen will show live events as they happen. You will see bids entered into the multi-parcel bidding system and experience the bid changes as they occur within the spreadsheets, accompanied by audio from the auction. Online bidders can enter bids via computer. Once the bid is received at the live auction site, the bid is passed on to the onsite ringmen and/or auctioneer. (There is a delay of two seconds or more, depending upon the type of Internet connection you have at your home or office.)

Imagine the possibilities! Your property can be offered worldwide to interested buyers who otherwise might not be able to attend. You can bid anonymously from your home or office. You can even bid on properties while traveling for business or while on vacation. If you are interested in selling land by auction, or are just curious about land values, you can use the new Reck Agri bidding platform to observe our auction process and bidding format first hand.

We can simulcast your auction from any location via our commercial satellite dish for example, the Legion Hall in Wauneta, NE, the Community Center in Haxtun, CO or the Sedgwick County Fairgrounds in Julesburg, CO.

To participate, online bidders must be pre-qualified prior to the auction. For more information, please call Vicki Adney at Reck Agri Realty & Auction: (970) 522-7770.