Q&A with Broker Ben Gardiner

Auction Consulting
December 20, 2023

Ben Gardiner is a Broker licensed in Colorado, Nebraska, and Kansas who handles all types and sizes of ag real estate transactions. Ben grew up on a family farm near Peetz, Colorado, and started his real estate career with 12 years as a rural property appraiser for Farm Credit. This foundational real estate knowledge and his dedication to clients made the transition to land brokerage an easy one. We hear all the time that clients love working with Ben, and how he does a great job getting deals done on time and on target.

Ben took the time to answer a few questions that he thought would be helpful for anyone involved in the real estate market:
Q: Are you seeing any trends in the market right now?
A: I think the market is definitely changing and tightening up. Buyers seem to be more discerning about what they want to buy, and the interest rate environment is making financing less attractive. Smaller tracts of land are still selling relatively well, and although some larger tracts also continue to move, the buyer pool for properties at higher price points has decreased.
Q: Advice for sellers and buyers?
A: It’s still a good time to sell, but sellers should consider the current market dynamics. The market has likely peaked but is still strong. If you’re thinking of selling, be sure to reach out to somebody you trust who will show you proof of what the market is doing and not just shoot you a big value.
Q: What should a buyer or seller look for in a broker?
A: I would advise potential buyers/sellers to work with someone they feel is trustworthy and easily approachable – be sure you feel comfortable asking him/her questions. Also, work with someone that is experienced – every transaction is a learning experience, so someone with a positive track record may be able to assist with negotiations or offer a creative solution if the transaction hits a roadblock.
Q: Situations you’ve seen that others can learn from?
A: It’s important for sellers to fully understand the risk of different pricing strategies. For example, with a regular listing, pricing too high runs the risk of the listing getting stale. You could find yourself chasing the market down, losing the buzz and having people wonder what’s wrong with the property (when really there is nothing wrong). Similarly, having too high of a reserve on an auction could result in a no-sale, which creates negative market chatter about the property that often is not warranted. The best property sale outcomes I’ve seen have been the result of realistically priced properties/reasonable reserves that created urgency and competition between buyers.
Q: What’s your favorite part about being a broker?
A: My favorite part about being a real estate broker is meeting new people and earning their trust. I also enjoy helping buyers and sellers navigate the buying/selling process because I know that it is often stressful; if I can alleviate some of the stress by providing clear expectations, I think it helps make the situation more manageable.

Ben is involved in the Sterling community and is raising three children with his wife, Liz. Give him a call if you want to get connected or if he can help you out! 970.520.4871

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