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Fort Morgan Grain & Seed Handling, Processing & Storage Facility Auction

Morgan County, colorado  |  720k bu capacity


Established grain, seed, offloading, storage, and processing facilities in Fort Morgan, CO. Strategically located to merchandise and distribute grains, birdseed, sunflowers, organic commodities, etc. and offload high protein feedstuffs.

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These facilities have been operated to merchandise and distribute grain, millet, birdseed, sunflowers and other products. Their close proximity to rail and interstate transport – in an area with many dairies and feedlots – also makes it ideal for offloading and delivery of high protein feedstuffs. Centrally located within the Great Plains and in the center of the USA, the intrinsic value of this property is: LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION. Ship via highway & rail regionally, nationally & globally as an Intermodal hub within 80 miles of Denver via I-76. The properties being offered for sale at auction have not been operated for over 2½ years.

Quick Facts

Offered in 4 Parcels and 1 Combo (Parcels #1A and #1B)

Property Details

Parcel #1A - North Facility

Grain and seed elevator with 427,026± bu storage, processing plant, offloading facility. 24,517± sq ft warehouse, office, truck scales & production buildings. Access to BNSF rail spur. Previously purchased, stored, cleaned, and processed millet & sunflowers to sell in bags and totes; and offloaded Canola meal/pellets from rail to storage and/or rail to truck for dairies along the Front Range and in Northeastern Colorado.

LOCATION: This grain facility is located 1 mile from Interstate 76/Fort Morgan Exit 80, 1 mile S on Main Street, 1 block W to Ensign Street. Ensign Street provides access from the east and Meeker Street provides access from the west to the office, scales, elevator facilities, and rail spurs.

ADDRESS: 113 Ensign Street, Fort Morgan, CO

LAND AREA: 1.727 acres

IMPROVEMENTS: Fifteen (15) 60 – 80 ft Grain concrete silos and one (1) rectangular concrete elevator with storage capacity of 427,026± bu; 5 silos are not connected to any warehouse or headhouse. Trucks gravity load from north side and by auger; 10 silos are connected via headhouse and grouped together with connecting warehouses. Between silos and throughout the site, there is above and below ground conveyor system with numerous tunnels and augers to move grain vertically throughout site; updated electrical control boxes and emergency shutoff systems. To unload and fill silos there is one (1) unloading pit with 4,000 bph elevator leg and one (1) unloading pit with 6,000 bph elevator leg extending up to 150 feet in elevation; augers and gravity-feeds from above silos.

24,517 sq ft warehouse and production buildings: 9,266 sq feet flat warehouse storage which has been used to store feedstuffs or has bulk capacity of 200,000 bu; 3,842 sq ft office/warehouse building with half of the building being the office on east end and the other half shop/garage on the west end. The office has entry/waiting area for truckers, customers, employees; conference room; break room; restroom; open reception/work room; rear offices; small testing lab area. The shop is used for maintenance and vehicle repairs. Also, truck scales and grain sampling is located at the office. The remaining 11,409 sq ft is bagging, storage, cooler, and storage warehouse area. This area is used to process and store bagged product. Dock-high level load out facility on west side of warehouse to load bagged seed onto trucks and/or rail.

RAILROAD: Previous operator leased the site (aka track #550) between their south property line and the Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) Railway. This leased area connects to main BNSF Railway.  Two rail spurs were used whereby rail cars could be loaded/unloaded directly from the facility. Up to 14 cars had been parked on the spur at any time. In addition, there was sufficient additional area on this site whereby up to 300+ ton of whole cottonseed was stored above ground (fly ash concrete mix base). There was sufficient area within this lease to extend the existing spurs and install an additional spur. Train cars dumped product onto a conveyor under the tracks and moved product via an underground conveyor to elevator storage.  Rail cars also could be loaded from silos or directly loaded via auger to truck. Rail is in need of repair and Buyer(s) to verify with railroad as to the terms and use of the lease.
The previous operation included the following:
1.) Warehousing and offloading of Canola meal/pellets which occupied the flat warehouse storage area; 2.) Wheat, corn, sunflowers, and millet occupied the vertical storage to either be stored and shipped via truck or rail and/or cleaned and processed to be either shipped by bag or bulk via truck or rail.

Parcel #1A Photos

Parcel #1B - South Facility

Facility includes 143,000± bu storage, 21,126± sq ft warehouse, office, truck scales, caretaker home & production buildings. Previously specialized in processing millet and/or sunflowers from bulk to bag; cleaned, sized, separated, & bagged product for human consumption and/or for birdseed. End product was warehoused in bags and/or totes for final distribution.

LOCATION: From the Interstate 76/Fort Morgan Exit 80,  1.7 miles south on Main Street, which turns into County Rd 18.5.

ADDRESS: 16436 County Road 18.5, Fort Morgan, CO

LEGAL DESCRIPTION:  A parcel located in the NW1/4SE1/4 of Section 7, T3N, R57W. Contact listing office for complete legal description.

LAND AREA: 4.809 acres

IMPROVEMENTS: 1,152 sq ft office building with 3 offices (reception area, rest-rooms, & lab) and adjacent truck scales; 16,040 sq ft Behlen (grain package) warehouse used for seed bagging and bag and/or tote warehouse storage with dock-high level loading dock on north side of building. This building could also be used for bulk storage with a capacity of 270,000± bu; 3,450 sq ft production warehouse which houses seed processing equipment; 484 sq ft office – employee lounge with break room, lounge, lockers, kitchen area, etc.

Partial list of processing and handling equipment includes: Multi-function machines which dehull, clean, separate via aspirators, shakers, and/or sort by electronic eye; overhead bins gravity-feed product outside to trailers and/or totes and inside via conveyors, legs, and duct work to the machines described below. The final product was stored and distributed either by 25# or 50# bags and/or by tote and used for human consumption, birdseed, and/or livestock feed. A partial list of the specialized equipment used is as follows: Ingersoll Screw compressor, 4 x 12” CEA – Carter Day precision sizer, Scan Master 40 channel electric eye, Forsberg huller, Codema huller, 2 aspirators, 2969D Super X Clipper seed cleaner with ball tray, 160 Oliver Gravity table, Forsberg Stoner, Hart Carter indent machine, 788 Crippen seed cleaner, 2 – 20” Ideal indent machines, 4 – 16” CEA – Carter Day indent machines, 4 – 6 x 12 CE  – Carter Day precision sizers, 240 Oliver Gravity table, 1 – 448 Oliver stoners, 2 – 2448A Oliver stoners, 2 – 160 Oliver gravity tables, 80 Channel Satake SM11-820DE Scan Master II electric eye.

GRAIN STORAGE: Nine grain bins with capacity of 143,000± bu of storage with unloading pit, legs, and overhead gravity loading tank.

The previous operator processed sunflowers from bulk to bag via extensive and specialized equipment that cleaned, sized, separated, and bagged product for human consumption and/or for birdseed. The end product was warehoused via 25# or 50# bags and/or by tote for final distribution. Even though sunflowers was the main product processed, various other grains can and were processed and stored at the facility i.e. millet, food grains, peas, lentils, soybeans, and beans.

RESIDENCE: 3 Bedroom, 3 Bath home with 2,639 sq ft of livable area with 2 car garage.

Parcel #1B Photos

Parcel #2 - Grain Storage

LOCATION: From Interstate 76 / Fort Morgan Exit 80, 1 mile south on Main Street to Railroad Ave, 4 blocks east to Lincoln St, 1 block south to the property.

ADDRESS: 410 East Railroad Ave, Fort Morgan, CO

IMPROVEMENTS: (2) 50,000 bu grain bins. 3,000 bu surge bin with gravity feeder elevated to 12’. Underground pit with leg.

Parcel #2 Photos

Parcel #3 - Grain Storage

LOCATION: From Interstate 76/Fort Morgan Exit 80, 0.7 miles north on Highway #52 to CR T, 0.14 mile east

ADDRESS: 18132 CR T, Fort Morgan, CO

LAND AREA: 0.393± acres

IMPROVEMENTS: 50,000 bu grain bin

Parcel #3 Photos

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Morgan County, colorado  |  720k bu capacity

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AUCTION PROCEDURE: The “FORT MORGAN GRAIN & SEED HANDLING, PROCESSING, & STORAGE FACILITY AUCTION” is an auction with NO RESERVE. Competitive bids will determine outcome of auction. Property to be offered in 4 Parcels, 1 Combo, and as a Single Unit, will be offered in the sale order as stated and will compete to determine the highest aggregate bid(s). Seller agrees not to accept and negotiate any contracts to purchase prior to auction date.

PROPERTY INSPECTION: Call to arrange an inspection of the property.

PRE-BID: Pre-bids accepted beginning September 14.

TERMS: Upon the conclusion of the auction, the highest bidder(s) will enter into and sign a contract for the amount of the bid, 15% of the purchase price is due as earnest money, to be deposited with Reck Agri Realty & Auction. Purchase contract will not be contingent upon financing.  Sample contract is available within the Due Diligence Packet.

CLOSING: Buyer(s) shall pay in good funds, the balance of purchase price plus their respective closing costs, and sign and complete all customary or required documents at closing, which is on or before October 27, 2023. Closing to be conducted by Northern Colorado Title and the closing service fee to be split 50-50 between Seller and Buyer(s).

TITLE: Seller to pass title by Special Warranty Deed free and clear of all liens, encumbrances, special assessments levied or assessed, and subject to all easements and restrictions or covenants now of record shown as shown within the title commitments.

POSSESSION: Possession of property upon closing

PROPERTY CONDITION: The prospective Buyer(s) should verify all information contained herein. All prospective bidders are urged to fully inspect the property, its condition, and to rely on their own conclusions and the property is being sold AS IS-WHERE IS, without warranty, representation or recourse to Seller.

REAL ESTATE TAXES: 2023 real estate taxes due in 2024, and thereafter, to be prorated to the day of closing.

LEGAL DESCRIPTION: Legal descriptions are subject to existing fence/field boundaries or land-use trades, if any.

ACREAGES, SQUARE FOOTAGE, & BIN STORAGE: All stated acreages,  square footage, and bin storage in the Color Brochure, Due Diligence Packet, and visual presentation at the auction are approximate and obtained from the county tax records. No warranty is expressed or implied as to exact acreages, square footage, and/or bin storage. All bids are for the total parcel without regard to exact acreage, square footage, and bin storage. There will be no adjustment in purchase price if acreage, square footage, and/or bin storage is different than what is stated in this brochure and/or stated at the auction.

RAILROAD LEASE: Seller to quit claim it’s interest and assign railroad lease to Buyer(s) without any representations or warranties and with no guarantee the railroad will accept said lease assignment.

BIDDER REQUIREMENTS: To register to bid, Buyer(s), prior to the auction, must review and accept the Due Diligence Packet with the full auction terms and conditions, property descriptions, pertinent information, title commitments, and sample contracts. Buyer to provide proof of good funds and/or bank letter of credit. Due Diligence Packet may be obtained by visiting auction property page at, or by calling Reck Agri Realty & Auction. Bidding via cell phone, internet, and/or bidding on someone’s behalf, must be approved by Reck Agri Realty & Auction 24 hours prior to auction.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: The information contained herein has either been given to us by the owner of the property or obtained from sources that we deem reliable. We have no reason to doubt its accuracy, but we do not guarantee it. Reck Agri Realty & Auction and the Seller assume no responsibility for the omissions, corrections, or withdrawals. The location maps are not intended as a survey and are for general location purposes only. Reck Agri Realty & Auction and all other agents of Broker are or will be acting as a Sellers Agent. Announcements made by Reck Agri Realty & Auction, at the time of sale will take precedence over any previously printed material or other oral statements. Reck Agri Realty & Auction reserves the right to require bank references upon request and reserves the right to refuse bids from any bidder. Bidding increments are at the discretion of the Broker.