Jolene Brown Seminar August 23: Preserving Family Relationships in the Transfer of Ag Businesses to the Next Generation

Jolene Display Pic
June 22, 2022


Jolene Brown, international family business consultant and Successful Farming columnist, will be sharing ways to preserve family relationships and navigate the transfer of ag businesses to the next generation at Reck Agri Realty & Auction in Sterling on August 23.

“I’m so excited to be coming your way,” Jolene said. “We’re going to talk about the people, the process and the paperwork you need to do to make sure you have a business worthy of transitioning. And then what you’re going to have to have in place to make sure that actually gets done.”

More information about the seminar can be found at or by calling Reck Agri Realty & Auction at 970-522-7770. Tickets can be purchased here.

Jolene has been called agriculture’s version of Dr. Phil, and her 30+ years of working with farm families have taught her valuable lessons of what works…and what doesn’t. Her years of experience will benefit attendees and their operations as they learn how to transition labor, management, leadership and ownership – and leave with tools that they need to do just that. In addition to working with Jolene, attendees will be able to interact with a panel of experts in accounting, estate planning, real estate and law.

Nationally, one-third of family-run businesses, including farms and ranches, have transferred the business successfully to the next generation – from the first generation to the second. However, the rate falls to 14% when transferring from the second generation to the third, and to less than 3% from the third-generation plus. Proper planning can help mitigate the issues surrounding family farm estates and keep families together at the holiday table. The timing is critical, as the National Ag Statistics Service estimates that around 70% of the farmland across the U.S. will be changing hands in the next 20 years.

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