7 Questions about the Farm Bill

May 23, 2013

I recently ran across a great article by the University of Illinois farmdocDaily  in the Corn & Soybean Digest that poses “7 Questions About the Farm Bill.” The Farm Bill focuses on three programs which include revenue, target price, and supplemental crop insurance program.

What were the main questions in this article?

7 Questions About the Farm Bill:

  1. Question 1: Will support provided to some crops be greater than the support provided strictly by risk management considerations?
  2. Question 2: Will the programs focus on across-year or on within-year protection?
  3. Question 3: Will the across-year programs focus on price or revenue protection?
  4. Question 4: Will the support levels for across-year programs react to changes in market conditions?
  5. Question 5: Will the program use historical or planted acres to indemnify producers?
  6. Question 6: How much overlap will be allowed between farm bill programs and crop insurance?
  7. Question 7: Does a farm have to have a loss to trigger payments?.

Granted there will be be more information to come, but I thought some of our readers might like to save the Corn & Soybean Digest webpage as a favorite for information on this and other ag news. This website offers a lot of good information to interested ag folks.

Happy Planting!