Private Treaty For Sale

Condon Ranch

Logan County, colorado  |  19,376± Acres


The Condon Ranch is being offered as a Single Unit and the East and West Units are being offered separately. Well-managed grass with excellent access.

The Condon family is offering one of the largest privately held, contiguous ranches in northeast Colorado for sale. Easily accessible, the ranch borders I-76 for 8± miles from Proctor to Crook and also has county road access on the east, west, and south sides. The ranch has been well managed with excellent grass.

Bill Condon was well-known and respected within the livestock industry and his true passion was this ranch. He and his family began assembling this ranch over 82 years ago and it’s a rare opportunity this property is available to purchase.

Quick Facts

  • 16,496± deeded; 2,880± state lease
  • Excellent, well-managed grass
  • Cross-fenced into 18± pastures
  • Two sets of working pens
  • 18 stock wells—15 submersible; 1 pump jack; 2 solar
  • Great access from I-76 at Proctor & Crook exits
  • County roads run along east, west, and south
  • Nearby cattle markets in Sterling, CO & Ogallala, NE

Property Details

Condon Ranch Unit

Asking Price | $12,350,000

19,376± total acres (16,496± ac deeded; 2,880± ac State Lease                                                                                                                              Fenced into 17 pastures with 18 stock wells (15 submersible, 1 pump jack and 2 solar) with 20 tanks. Two sets of livestock working pens. State Lease totals 1,078 AUMs; annual payment $21,247.38 ($19.71/AUM). Lease expires March 15, 2029. Est. R/E Taxes: $8,297.

Condon East Unit

Asking Price | $5,885,000

7,876± Acres
Cross-fenced into 8 pastures with 8 stock wells (6 submersible, 1 pump jack, and 1 solar) with 8 tanks. Livestock working facility. Historical rock marker located in this parcel. Estimated R/E taxes $3,773.

Condon West Unit

Asking Price | $6,465,000
11,500± Acres
(8,620± acres deeded, 2,880± acres State Lease)
Fenced into 9 pastures with 10 stock wells (9 submersible and 1 solar) with 12 tanks. Livestock working facility. State Lease totals 1,078 AUMs; annual payment $21,247.38 ($19.71/AUM). Lease expires March 15, 2029. Estimated R/E taxes: $4,524.


Logan County, colorado  |  19,376± Acres

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